Opper Sports Productions is an Emmy award winning digital media company specializing in Ultra High Definition production and web services. OSP is currently developing proprietary online video channels, over-the-top video services and deploying remote display networks.

Online Video Channels

FUEL TV+ the global streaming home of action sports.

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The largest collection of surf movies on the internet.

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Instantly stream daily workout videos from Gilad's extensive collection.

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Specializing in the production of non-fiction action sports content including: television series, movies, commercials and industrial productions. At the core is a creative team who are dedicated to provide our clients the highest quality entertainment programming.

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Film Library

action / adventure / water sports / beauty / lifestyle

We are the premier resource for historical surfing and skateboarding stock footage.











Our library spans over eighty years and includes the people, the places, and the events that have shaped the extreme sports world.

Included in this diverse collection is one of the largest and most comprehensive surfing footage archives in the world, with contemporary stars, legends, historic moments and everything in between. This is highly exclusive archival film and video content from the world's greatest in surfing - as well as creative visuals that highlights everything from beach lifestyle clips to old school action.

Historical footage from our film library has been featured in the following notable projects.

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Remote Display Network

In-store media solutions for retail, leisure and hospitality venues

Turn any HD screen into an effective, powerful and flexible retail customer communications tool. Features multi-zone and full screen layouts supporting video, images, text tickers. Includes the complete infrastructure to serve, manage and support your network.




The cloud based platform manages the delivery of video and messaging content to a network of remotely located screens over the internet.

Key Features

Solid State Media Player

Solid State Media Player

Our solid state media player is based on advanced technology that delivers highly reliable performance at a very affordable cost. Provides full 1080p HD video playback over HDMI and VGA connectivity packaged in an ultra-compact size that can be easily mounted out of sight.

Remote Content Updates

Remote Content Updates

Content updates are delivered over the internet to each media player connected to our cloud based network. Our innovative internet-delivery platform is scaleable to meet the requirements of any size network, from one to a thousand screens.

Content Licensing

Content Licensing

With access to one of most comprehensive action sports content libraries in the world we stand apart from the rest of the digital signage industry. Leverage our established professional relationships for licensing other varieties of video content.

Additional Benefits

Location Management

Manage video playback at one location or several thousand. Deliver custom content for individual, regional, national, and international locations.

Online Review & Approval

Review and approve content prior to it going live on your network.

Multi-zone Layouts

Deliver content full-screen or using multiple zones on the screen to provide additional information.

Advanced Scheduling

Advanced scheduling and dayparting allows for different content to be displayed at different times throughout the day.

Quick and Easy Updates

Media players connected to the internet can be regularly updated without user intervention at remote locations.

Revenue Generation

Earn revenue by providing content sponsorship opportunities, selling airtime to advertisers or displaying content with products embedded by third parties.

Use Cases

In-Store Entertainment

Create an exclusive TV network that portrays your brands image and creates a unique experience for each and every one of your guests. Exclusive video content plays on multiple LCD screens strategically placed throughout the establishment. Customers remain engaged longer leading to the purchase of additional products or services and inherently reduces any perceived wait times creating customer loyalty and increased repeat visits.

In-Store Marketing

Use dynamic imagery to capture your customers' attention. A strategically placed LCD screen displaying content that combines entertainment and practical product information can convert the causal shopper into a sale. Use video to grab a customer's attention, get them to stop, take a closer look, and provide them with enough additional information on the product to make a wise purchase. The flexibility of the RDN and the ability of using an inexpensive LCD television as a communication tool provides a store with a powerful innovative sales tool to better communicate with their customers.

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Online Video Platform

Enterprise class platform manages all the complexities around the delivery of video content

Get to market quickly with our complete end-to-end solution, our cloud-based technology provides a scalable suite of digital services, lowering the barrier and time needed to get your content on the consumers' screen.

Subscription (SVOD)

Video on Demand (VOD)

Download to Own (EST)

Turnkey solution that allows video content owners to quickly and easily monetize digital media assets in today's interactive world.

Key Features

iTunes Compatible

iTunes Download

Using technology built into iTunes we have pioneered a process that allows for purchases made on a NOD Storefront to download automagically into a personalized feed (Podcast subscription) inside the users iTunes library. Any time subsequent purchases are made, those items immediately become available for download inside of iTunes.


Mobile HTML5

Optimized for small screens with touch interfaces, NOD Mobile provides users the ability to browse, purchase and watch all the available content directly in the palm of their hand. By using the device's built-in wireless internet capabilities content is streamed directly to device eliminating the need of downloading and transferring from the computer to the portable device.

Connected TV

Bringing internet video content into the living room is an increasingly important part of any audience development and distribution strategy. Over the next few years, it is predicted that more than 200 million homes will be getting some portion of their video programming from over-the-top video services.

Additional Benefits

Advanced Reporting

The NOD Dashboard offers a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring transactions in real-time. This includes: each and every sale; a complete accounting, both past and present; tracking of all royalty reports and payments; and custom notifications by email of account activity.

Stream Tracking

Find out everything you want to know about the viewers streaming use. Using real-time stream tracking NOD reports on the actual viewing experience rather than what was delivered by a media server. Visualized using heat maps know exactly what portions of content are being viewed.

Adaptive Streaming

Delivers the highest-quality video available to each of your customers based on the local conditions of each consumers device. Those with great broadband connections will receive higher quality streams than those with less optimal network conditions.


Focusing primarily on content monetization our platform handles every monetization model, from purchases and rentals to subscriptions and gifts. Customers can pay by credit card, PayPal or use their store credit balance.

Geographic Targeting

Rights management can be applied to restrict access from specific geographic regions. Prices can be set based on geographic region allowing you to charge more or less if a customer is from a specific region.

Fraud Prevention

Built in fraud prevention filtering. Reduces chargebacks by identifying risky transactions and flags users accounts for review.

Gift Purchasing Options

Provides customers the ability to purchase gift certificates for a preset dollar amount or as product specific gift, both options available in email or printable forms.

Social Integrations

Connects with and promotes social discovery with top social network platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Social sharing buttons
  • Facebook Open Graph video watch actions
  • Facebook web video embed enabled


NOD Storefront

Provides the front-end user interface for managing all transactions and video delivery.

  • Rich metadata including product description, preview trailer, cover art, talent list and pricing details.
  • Supports credit-card based transactions or allows purchasing of content via store credit balance.
  • Supports promotional Content and Download Codes.
  • Supports Gift Certificates.
  • Supports Streaming Rentals and Download Purchases.
  • Purchases download directly to iTunes library.
  • Extensive user management and shopping cart capabilities.

NOD Mobile

NOD Mobile builds upon the NOD Storefront providing custom web apps designed for use on popular mobile devices and smartphones.

  • Lightweight user interface designed for smartphones and tablets with touch screens.
  • Rich metadata including product description, preview trailer, cover art, talent list and pricing details.
  • Supports credit-card based transactions or allows purchasing of content via store credit balance.
  • Supports Streaming Rentals, Download Purchases and Subscriptions.
  • Delivers content as streams or a download directly to device.
  • Extensive user management and shopping cart capabilities.

NOD Over-the-Top

NOD Over-the-Top allows you to tap into a growing audience of set-top-box and connected TV viewers. Designed for each connected TV platform our over-the-top module brings the most important features of the NOD Storefront to the living room.

  • Rich metadata including product description, preview trailer, cover art, talent list and pricing details.
  • Supports credit-card based transactions or allows purchasing of content via store credit balance.
  • Supports Streaming Rentals, Download Purchases and Subscriptions.
  • Delivers content as streams.

NOD Membership

The NOD Membership module allows content owners to securely monetize their content using a membership paywall.

  • Flexible membership options, provide any combination of free, trial and or paid memberships. Charge daily, weekly, monthly or annually.
  • Automatically controls member signups, renewals and cancellations including re-occurring billing.

NOD Dashboard

A comprehensive reporting dashboard for monitoring your account in real-time.

  • Transparent access to real-time sales statistics.
  • Sales by region Charts and Graphs.
  • Account Ledger and History.
  • Track Royalty Reports and Payments.
  • Custom E-mail Notifications.
  • NOD Dashboard iPhone WebApp.

NOD Widgets

The NOD Widgets make deploying digital content on your web site quick and easy, requiring no programming skills; only very light front-end integration, typically only a line of code.

  • A library of client-side JavaScript components that are easy to drop into your website which dynamically write HTML right into your page.
  • The functionality as well as look and feel is customized via client-side JavaScript parameters.
  • Architected in a manner as to not interfere with load times and performance of your pages.
  • A variety of Components cover a wide range of functionality.

NOD Network Connect

Maintain your own brand and instantly begin selling hundreds of titles using our advanced platform.

  • New revenue stream √ê Revenue share of all sales.
  • Increased stickiness and loyalty to your website.
  • Increased branding and website traffic.
  • Improved SEO due to more keywords and relative links.
  • Improve the perceived value of your website and company.

NOD Support

Fast and friendly customer service, dedicated to resolving any and all end user issues.

  • Extensive knowledge base and self help guides.
  • Dedicated toll free phone number.
  • Email and Live Chat contact points.
  • External help desk integration.

Supported Devices

Streaming media players


Google TV


Apple TV

Web browsers

Google Chrome


Internet Explorer


Portable devices


iPhone and iPod Touch

Kindle Fire


Gaming consoles

XBox One

Playstation 3

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Contact Info

Phone: + 1 (858) 481-7283


Mailing Address:

Opper Sports, Inc
PO Box 732
Solana Beach, CA 92075